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AE GAYARANDA is a Mexico City-based urban design and architecture studio. Founded in 2003, our goal is to produce final designs that emphasize the integration of architecture with the urban and natural environment. We are an interdisciplinary team whose strength lies in analyzing the needs of our clients and optimizing the use of available resources.

Environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability are central to everything we do. We aim to use architecture to address common issues and benefit society at large, an approach that we have applied to projects for the development of the tourism industry and the economy, the design of master plans on an urban scale, mixed-use buildings, sustainable schools, hospitals, hotels, housing complexes and residential homes.

Our mission is to leave our clients tangible legacies, and bring people, cultures, ideas and disciplines together by creating meaningful, life-changing projects.

Our Team


Ana Elena studied Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and has a Master’s from the UPC in Spain. She also studied at La Sorbonne in France and at MIT edX and Harvard edX. She was a member of the Carmen Pinós team in Barcelona and the Enrique Norten team in Mexico.

In 2003, she founded AE GAYARANDA Arquitectura y Diseño Urbano S.C. in Mexico City.

Ana Elena and her team have designed a wide range of hotel, corporate, residential, mixed-use and housing projects, and are considered experts in the design of hospitals and healthcare centers. The studio undertakes urban and architectural design master planning to foster economic growth by promoting tourism in established tourism centers.

In 2013, with the support of the Mexican embassy in Singapore, ProMéxico, the local Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Center for Livable Cities (CLC), Ana Elena conducted field research in Singapore, which she then used to draw up a sustainable social and urban development model known as ECOBARRIO: environmental awareness + social awareness.

In 2014, in her capacity as a UN-Habitat consultant, she and her studio compiled the Environmental Psychology chapter of Centros de Justicia para las Mujeres: Lineamientos Arquitectónicos (Justice Centers for Women: Architectural Guidelines), which describes how to use architectural design to positively impact the psychological state of women living in conditions of vulnerability.

Infrastructure projects include a large railway station project that was selected as a finalist in the World Architecture Awards 2021 .

She is a full member of the Mexico City College of Architects.






“Architecture is a process in which function goes hand-in-hand with aesthetics and that must be integrated with the urban and natural landscape in order to be truly sustainable; this is how we optimize the relationship between the user and their environment in the projects we design”.

Corporate / mixed-use



Educaction / Social Benefit



Urban Design

Urban projects that propose both the tourist and economic potentialization of the areas to be intervened as well as their urban and social regeneration through the creation of trigger projects to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.




Digital Creative City


AE GAYARANDA has various publications in national and international magazines and books, among which the following stand out:

Expo cihac

Ana Elena Gayaranda, expression of organic and sensory architecture


Mayan Train: these are the architects who designed the stations

Centro Urbano

The work of Mexican architects stands out in Mayan Train stations

The Yucatan times

Mexican women architects in charge of the Maya Train urban design

Real Estate

Mexican architects star in urban design of the Mayan Train


AE GAYARANDA will do the architectural design of the Mayan Train in Chichén Itzá.

Negocios promexico 2016

Ana Elena GayAranda: The Kind Face of Architecture

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Technology and Sustainability, the Seal of Private Hospitals

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ONU HABITAT Women’s Justice Centers

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Where Are We Regarding Social Inclusion and Accessibility?

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The Subtle Power of Architecture and Urbanism to Transform Lives

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5 Slopes in Interior Architecture. Interview and work by Ana Elena Gayaranda

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Hospital Ángeles Lindavista Exclusive Publication of the Work

Habitat 2008

Feminine Sensitivity. Hospitals and Restaurants

Inmobiliare 2008

Pages: 98-99.

Alcaldes de México

How to Humanize Cities Through Innovation

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Residential Interiors
Cumbres House, TG House, El Refugio House
October – December

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Houses, Mansions and Hotels by Architects in Mexico, 1997

Detalles en la arquitectura

Details in Mexican Architecture, 1996 Kamali Comex Shoe Store

Mujer ejecutiva

The Advantages of being a Woman in Architecture


Sustainable Projects for Education


Innovative Cities:
Humanized Cities


Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Master Conference
Recent Work
Chiapas College of Architects

Morelia, michoacan, mex.

Three Visions of Sustainability
Tlaxcala, Iquique and Yucatán

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

The Search for Sustainability in the Contemporary City.

Bogota, Colombia

Contemporary Mexican Architecture.

Saltillo, Coah. Mex.

International Forum
“Efficient schemes of urban and environmental planning of the territory”.

MTY, NL. Mex.

Entrepreneurship Festival “Humanized Cities”

Leon, Gto., Mex.

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CDMX, Mexico

“Participation of Women Entrepreneurs in Foreign Trade”

Viña del Mar, Chile

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CDMX, México

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Iquique, Chile

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Lima, PerÚ

LAB4+: Innovation as an Engine of Social Inclusion.
“Innovative Cities”

CDMX, Mexico

Leading Businesswomen of the Pacific Alliance 2015.
“The key to internationalization”


WAF 2021 World Architecture Festival

Finalist, Infrastructure Category: Future Projects.
Chichen Itza Train Station and Cultural Center.

22 Líderes 2018

Architecture Leader Award.
Mundo Ejecutivo Group.

Iberoamerican CIDI Award to the Excellence 2011

Consejo Iberoamericano de Diseño
“For her profesional trajectory. Gold Medal“.

Iberoamerican CIDI Award to the Work of the Year in Architecture

Interiors and Interior Design Building for the Angeles Hospitals.

Gold Medal

V International Biennal CIDI Architecture, Design and Art.

Gold Medal

IV Forum: Women in the Architecture and Interior Design.


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